Weight Loss and Toning

A balanced, sculpted approach to the body you’re striving for.

Weight loss and a toned physique are two of the most-desired outcomes in fitness. Each are eminently achievable with a little effort no matter your age or body type.

Sometimes referred to as body sculpting, a weight loss and toning-focused approach to physical exercise typically blend aerobic and anaerobic exercise with stretching, as well as some weight or resistance training, in order to stimulate cardiovascular and muscular activity to tone the body, reduce fat, and improve your overall general health.

As such, a weight loss and toning program might variously consist of swimming, speed-walking, stairclimbing and so on, combined with resistance bands, dumbells or free weights. Gradual increases in difficulty help maintain progress towards your desired training objective, whether it be weight loss, muscle toning, or improved general fitness.

The benefits of weight loss and toning:

Additionally, weight loss and toning training can help prevent injury, increasing lean muscle mass as well as bone and joint strength.

The Kinetik approach to weight loss and toning

Any general weight training routine should consist of a warm-up session (preparing the body for exercise), conditioning component (of increasing intensity to build strength and endurance), and cool-down (return to regular heart rate and reduce muscle soreness).

Following an initial consultation, Kinetik’s qualified trainers work with you to develop a weight loss and toning program suited to your abilities, with personalised instruction and ongoing guidance to ensure correct form and effectiveness, adjusting as needed.

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