Cardio Fitness

The heart of good health.

Cardio fitness training through regular cardiovascular exercise is one of the simplest ways known to burn fat, build stamina, and get your heart working more efficiently.

By engaging in regular, sustained physical activity, whether it be jogging, swimming, cycling, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), rowing, or even speed walking, you stimulate your cardiovascular system, allowing you to build your heart’s endurance, as well as your lungs’ capacity to provide oxygen-rich blood to the muscles of your body.

Cardiovascular exercise need not require expensive equipment – any form of physical activity that safely elevates your heart rate can suffice. Depending on your individual needs and circumstances, you should aim to exercise between 3 to 5 times a week, though you can begin from as few as 1 or 2 sessions and work from there.

The benefits of cardio fitness:

Cardio fitness training allows you to build your general health at a pace and intensity that suits you. It is one of the bedrocks of general wellbeing, and fits easily into most lifestyles.

The Kinetik approach to cardio fitness training

Most cardio fitness training routines are shaped around a warm-up session (preparing the body for exercise), and are concerned with frequency (how often you exercise), intensity (getting your heart rate into its optimal training zone) and time (duration of exercise).

Following an initial consultation, Kinetik’s qualified trainers work with you to develop a set of cardio fitness exercises appropriate to your capabilities, with personalised instruction and ongoing guidance to ensure you’re meeting your goals, adjusting as needed.

The best thing? It doesn’t take long to start feeling – and seeing – the benefits. Talk to one of our friendly instructors today, and discover what cardio training can help you achieve.


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Your health and fitness is your greatest asset. Ensure you’re living your best life with personalised training plans from Kinetik’s team of qualified fitness trainers.