Senior Fitness

Because you’re never too old to kick your fitness goals.

Research has shown that one of the best ways to offset the effects of ageing – muscle and bone loss, osteoarthritis, etc. – is regular exercise through senior fitness training.

Ageing is a natural process, but its effects and impacts differ from person to person. A healthy diet and a carefully constructed exercise regime can partially reverse or arrest some of the effects of ageing, while preserving key functions of the body. Studies have even shown that regular exercise may reduce all-cause mortality by 30%.

Senior fitness training may include a mixture of different activities, from strength and resistance training to balance training, aerobic exercise, and even cognitive training. In conjunction with a considered approach to diet and lifestyle, it is one of the surest known ways to retain or restore vigour, flexibility, and mental acuity through the ageing process.

The benefits of senior fitness training:

Additionally, senior fitness training can help prevent against incontinence, lower stress, and minimise the effects of chronic conditions or pain.

The Kinetik approach to senior fitness training

Any senior fitness training routine should be considered in consultation with your doctor or general practitioner to guarantee its safety and effectiveness.

Following an initial consultation, Kinetik’s qualified trainers work with you to establish your senior fitness training goals and recommended exercises, with personalised instruction and ongoing guidance to ensure correct form and effectiveness, adjusting as needed.

The best thing? It doesn’t take long to start feeling – and seeing – the benefits. Talk to one of our friendly instructors today, and discover a new lease on life.


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