Nutrition Counselling

Nourishing your body and mind for optimal health.

One of the best methods of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is eating in accordance with the principles of proper nutrition.

Healthy eating unlocks a host of health benefits. It can assist in losing weight, address recurrent gastrointestinal issues, improve your sleep patterns, and help you feel less fatigued and more energetic. The beneficial effects of proper nutrition on an one’s mental health are also well attested to.

Nutrition counselling takes into account your individual nutritional needs and goals, so that your body can be nourished in accordance with your personal circumstances desired outcomes. When integrated with regular exercise and a balanced lifestyle, the cumulative effects of proper nutrition and physical activity can prove transformative.

The benefits of nutrition counselling:

Additionally, nutrition counselling can help you better manage range of chronic illnesses and pain, and provide a better understanding of what your body truly needs to maintain health.

The Kinetik approach to nutrition counselling

Any nutritional counselling begins by taking into account your personal needs, medical history, goals, and concerns.

Following an initial consultation, Kinetik’s qualified nutritional counsellors work with you to develop a personalised meal plan appropriate to your circumstances and medical history, with ongoing guidance and support to ensure you’re equipped to overcome any of the challenges that can sometimes arise in changing your habits and diet.

The best thing? It doesn’t take long to start feeling – and seeing – the benefits. Talk to one of our friendly counsellors today, and discover how proper nutrition can enhance your life.


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