Strength Training

Build your general health on strong foundations.

Strength training is one of the fundamentals of any fitness program, and can be carried out by people of all ages, abilities, and levels of fitness.

By working your muscles a little harder than you typically would in your daily life – whether with weights, resistance bands or your own body weight (through push-ups, squats, etc.) – you can not only begin increasing your muscle strength, but also unlock a host of other general health and fitness benefits.

Strength training generally consists of a combination of different exercises, numbers of sets, repetitions, and tempo changes in order to get your muscles working through contraction, developing what is called anaerobic endurance and increasing skeletal muscle mass. Done right, it’s one of the best-proven ways to build – or rebuild – your health and overall fitness.

The benefits of strength training

Additionally, strength training can help you recover from injury, or assist in the treatment of chronic conditions such as arthritis and persistent back pain.

The Kinetik approach to strength training

Any general strength training routine should consist of a warm-up session (preparing the body for exercise), conditioning component (of increasing intensity to build strength and endurance), and cool-down (return to regular heart rate and reduce muscle soreness).

Following an initial consultation, Kinetik’s qualified trainers work with you to develop a set of strength training exercises appropriate to your capabilities, with personalised instruction and ongoing guidance to ensure correct form and effectiveness, adjusting as needed.

The best thing? It doesn’t take long to start feeling – and seeing – the benefits. Talk to one of our friendly instructors today, and discover what strength training can help you achieve.


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